Services We Provide And Areas Covered

Services provided are those of a Mobile or Traveling Attorney and Notary Public. I will prepare or review your loan documents
for compliance with Georgia law, schedule an appointment with your customer at his or her convenience and travel to the
customer's home or business to explain the documents and instruct your customer on the required signing protocols for
your company. I will witness or notarize your customers' signatures, as appropriate, and ship the loan documents back to
you the day following the day of closing. I am not usually able to offer "Same Day Shipping" as I am customarily out of the
office too late to review and ship the documents the same day they are signed
, and I prefer to review the documents for
errors in a quiet environment before shipping them back..

I am willing to travel to any County in Georgia listed on the
Coverage Area Page.  My fees vary by County and by the amount
of time and work involved in the closing. For Example, I charge more for Reverse Mortgage closings because there is more
paperwork and the
Borrowers often require more time to sign the documents than is the case for a regular refinance. I do
not post my fees on this Web Site because of Anti -Trust concerns (signalling) but will be happy to furnish a fee schedule to
Signing Agent, qualified to conduct closings pursuant to Code Section 44-14-13 of the Official Code of Georgia, which
wants my help in conducting closings in Southeast Georgia when the firm does not maintain an office here. To request a
fee schedule, feel free to call me at 912-355-0525 or write to me