James R. Kobleur
Attorney at Law
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James R. Kobleur,
Attorney at Law
Savannah, Georgia

A Real Estate Attorney with over 35
years experience.  12 years of private
practice and 17 years as the real estate
lawyer for a Fortune 200 Paper and
Timber Company. Now semi-retired and
specializing in
closing loans as a
contract closing attorney for Settlement
Agents who are
Lenders or active
s of The State Bar of Georgia
who remain ultimately responsible
for conducting the settlement and
disbursement of the settlement
proceeds .
Is Georgia a "Lawyer Only" State?

What about loans involving property in other
states when the closing is in Georgia?

What about Georgia loans closed elsewhere?

Is a lawyer always required to disburse funds?

HERE for additional information.
A Little About What We Do

My wife (who is not a lawyer but is a
Notary Public) and I travel together to the
homes or businesses of your c
lients to
conduct loan closings (Refinances, 2nd
Mortgages, Home Equity Lines of Credit
and Reverse Mortgages.)  
I do not
conduct "Purchase" closings involving
a Buyer and Seller because I believe

if you are buying or selling a home
you should have your own Attorney

representing only your interests